Kanndela comes from the Latin word “candela” which means to give light. At Kanndela, wellness is a fundamental human right. By producing alternative products, we hope to alleviate some of life’s daily struggles. This is our purpose to “give light” to the world.

Kanndela was designed with peak performance and homeostasis in mind. We are confident our groundbreaking product, combining nutrition with the power of phytocannabinoid extracts, is a game changer in both the CBD and wellness industries! Because we spent a lot of time painstakingly working on coming up with something unique, and something essential for everybody, no matter what your goals are, we are confident you are going to LOVE it!

The founders of Kanndela wanted to bring to market something that the consumer could relate to, benefit from, and was a simple delivery method, keeping it efficient and effective. Focused on wellness from the inside out, the conclusion was to develop something for everybody, that is portable, easy to use, and delivers results; this is how Kanndela was born!

Kanndela gives the light to vitality.