Kanndela partnered up with Wells of Dharma a non-profit organization that builds wells in
remote villages in India. Through our partnership, we were able to build a well that provides water to a small village in India.

India currently holds 14% of the world’s population but they only have access to 4% of the earths fresh water. India faces a water availability crisis, for this reason hundreds of millions of their population is forced to get their water from unreliable and unsafe sources.

Wells of Dharma is an organization that is helping combat the water crisis in India. We love to give light in every way we can. We look forward to their growth and cannot wait to see the impact this has for so many people. What can be seen as a small act of love, can make the world of difference for someone.

Thank you Wells of Dharma for this opportunity to give people the access to water.

Instragram: @wellsofdharma